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Product »  CCTV Surveillance System
CCTV Surveillance System
Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System is an on-site/remote Video Monitoring System comprising of CCTV Cameras' Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Video Monitors. The CCTV Surveillance System may be Analog or Digital depending upon the transmission medium available' application and Customer choice.

CCTV Surveillance System' apart from being a very effective Surveillance & Security System' is becoming a very useful management tool as well. The System can be integrated with other systems like Fire Alarm System' Perimeter Security System' Access Control System' Building Management System etc.

Cameras: -
The cameras can be analog or Digital IP and come with varied specification suitable for different applications depending of site requirement and usability.
- Fixed lens Cameras (Box/ Dome type' Day/ Night)
- Varifocal' manual/ auto Iris Cameras (Box/ Dome type' Day/ Night).
- Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom Cameras.
- Speed Dome cameras

Digital Video Recorders: -
The DVRs are video recording devices which can be Standalone type with in-built Hard Disk or PC based that use the Hard Disk of the PC to record. However' in case of IP cameras only the video management software is needed to be installed on the PC server which records the video on PC’s Hard disk.

CCTV Monitors: -
CCTV Monitor may be Standalone CCTV Monitor or a PC Monitor with suitable resolution.

Transmission Media: -
Co-axial Cables for analog systems; Twisted pair CAT 5/ CAT 6 cables for Digital systems; Fiber Optic for long distance surveillance are used.

Remote Transmission/ monitoring of Video Data over Ethernet: -
Using Static/ Dynamic IP from Internet Service Provider enables to have Live and/or Recorded Monitoring of any site from a remote location over Ethernet.

There are couple of top brands as Pelco' Panasonic' Bosch' Sony' Sanyo' Samsung' Axis etc. available with varied features and specifications to suit different user requirements. The system is designed as per the requirement of the site and user application and the products & software is chosen accordingly. Subsequently the system is installed and integrated to meet the customer requirements
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