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Product »  Entrance Automation System
Entrance Automation System
Entrance Automation System enables automatic operation/ opening & closing of any entrance mechanism like sliding gate/door' Swing gate' Barrier' Rolling Shutters' Road Blocks etc.

The system comprises of Controller-cum- Operator' Photocells' Microwave Sensors' Switches' Remote controls' Lock etc.

The System can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. In a fully automatic system' microwave sensors detect the motion of vehicles' human and initiate automatic opening of the entrance. Photocells are Safety devices that prevent closing of entrance in case any obstruction is encountered within the entrance.

In semi automatic systems' opening/ closing is initiated through manual switch or remote key-fob or through authentication by a reader device in case the Entrance automation system is connected to Access/ Attendance Control System.

Entrance Automation System is a combination of Security Application' Visitor Management Tool' Automation capability & convenience enabling the user an efficient Entrance management System.

It can also be integrated with Building Management System' CCTV Surveillance System' Fire detection & Alarm System.

There are couple of top brands as RIB' FAAC' NICE' Ditec' Dorma etc. available with varied features and specifications to suit different user requirements. The system is designed as per the requirement of the site and user application and the products & software is chosen accordingly. Subsequently the system is installed and integrated to meet the customer requirements.
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