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Product »  Fire Detection & Alarm System
Fire Detection & Alarm System
Fire Detection & Alarm System performs the dual role of Detecting Fire' Heat or smoke in protected area and raising an alarm.

Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS) may be Conventional or addressable system.

Conventional FDAS comprises of Microprocessors/ Microcontroller based Control and Indication Panel' Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detectors' Beam detectors' Duct Detectors' Manual Call Boxes' Sounders' suitable Converters for connecting to PC and Control Modules. In a conventional FDAS' the area is divided into Fire/ Smoke Zones' each zone comprising of approx. 26 Detectors & Devices. The Control & Indication Panel identifies the Zone Area in which fire/ smoke/ Heat is detected.

Addressable FDAS comprises of addressable analog Control & Indication Panel' Addressable Photoelectric Smoke/ Heat Detectors' Beam Detectors' Duct Detectors' Addressable Manual Call Points' Addressable Sounders' Fault Insulators' Control Modules etc. Since in an Addressable FDAS' each Detector & Device has a separate digital address' the Control Panel indicates the exact location of the incident. This system can be upgraded with graphic software to enhance the monitoring and overall performance.

Addressable FDAS' though expensive' is a much efficient system than Conventional FDAS in that the former enables the Monitor to exactly identify the location of Fire/smoke thereby enabling the user to channellize the Rescue measures immediately towards the exact location of accident. However' the cost effectiveness is achieved in a very large system by savings on less cable consumed.

Any FDAS system ought to be coupled with Public Address System and it can be integrated with CCTV Surveillance System' Building Management System etc.

There are couple of top brands as Notifier' Edwards' Siemens' System Sensor' Apollo' Agni etc. available with varied features and specifications to suit different user requirements. The system is designed as per the requirement of the site and user application and the products & software is chosen accordingly. Subsequently the system is installed and integrated to meet the customer requirements.
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