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Product »  Intrusion Detection & Alarm System
Intrusion Detection & Alarm System
Intrusion Detection & Alarm System (more commonly called Intruder/ Burglar Alarm System) is useful to detect any illegal/ unauthorized entry into any premises (where this system is installed) and raise an alarm.

The System comprises of various input devices in the form of Sensors of various types & applications to detect intrusion and output devices as Control Panel' speech dialer' Alarms etc. to report intrusion and raise the alarm.

The System can be wired or wireless (or a combination of both) depending upon the site condition and requirement. Wired systems are economical and are very dependable' and need to be installed during the construction of the site. Wireless systems are somewhat costly and are usually installed in built-up furnished premises where concealed wiring is not easy to do. Wireless systems are also dependable provided the system is of very good quality and is properly installed.

A typical Intrusion Detection & Alarm System comprises of: -
• Control Panel
• Sensors or Detectors
- Glass Break Detectors.
- Dual type Acoustic-cum-pressure Glass Break Detector
- Passive Infra-red motion Detectors
- Dual type Infrared & microwave motion Detectors.
- Photoelectric Beam Detectors.
- Vibration Detectors.
- Door Sensors (magnetic contacts)
- Smoke Detectors (a good control Panel has a Fire Zone to detect smoke/ fire).
- Emergency/ Panic Switch.
• Additional Keypad.
• Speech Dialer.
• Sounders/ Alarms.
• Central Monitoring Station.

Basic Working principle of the System: -
The Sensor or Detector detects the motion and gives an input to the Control Panel. The Control Panel analyses the input and sends a relevant signal to the Central Monitoring System' and instructs the speech dialer to send voice message on telephone/ mobile of the user. And at the same time' the Control Panel also raises a voice alarm to call the attention of the persons in and around the same periphery.

The System can be integrated with Home Automation System' CCTV Surveillance System' Building Management System & Fire Alarm System etc.

There are couple of top brands as Honeywell' GE' Securico' Satel' DSC Tyco' Godrej etc. available with varied features and specifications to suit different user requirements. The system is designed as per the requirement of the site and user application and the products & software is chosen accordingly. Subsequently the system is installed and integrated to meet the customer requirements
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