Our Profile

Blue Beacon Systems & Solution Pvt Ltd. was incorporated, established and registered under Companies Act, 1956 in the year 2004 as Private Limited Construction Company and had been since serving the Government and Private Clients with Quality Building Construction & Associated works in North India.

Blue Beacon is Enlisted with various Govt departments as CLASS -1A Contractor for General Building Works including Civil Building Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sewage and Specialized Fire Fighting Works.

Blue Beacon executes Residential & Commercial Real Estate Building Construction Projects on Turnkey basis including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Security, Water Treatment & Water Boosting Systems or as per our Business Models.

Our Vision

Blue Beacon shall strive to work Hard & Wise to achieve consistent reasonable Growth with reputation, without compromising values, for our Organization and for a Good Livelihood & Growth of all its Stakeholders by Earning the faith of its Customers through dependable Professionalism, Quality Construction Services and trustworthy Business Ethics.

Our Mission

Blue Beacon shall always make continuous endeavor to give Superb Value for Reasonable Investment at competitive rates through quality Material, Workmanship, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility shall always remain our principle as well as strength.

Blue Beacon is committed towards –

  • Quality by timely and successfully providing High Quality genuine Products & Services so that our Buildings live longer requiring less maintenance;
  • Aesthetics by striving to emphasize exotic as well as practical economic buildings and spaces people would love to live in and work in.
  • Business Ethics through professionalism, integrity and dependability;
  • Occupational Health & Safety by sincerely following laid regulations;
  • Environment by promoting Green Building concepts as far as possible;

Our Social Values

Blue Beacon commits to exercise, support and promote following Social Values

  • Equality of Gender, Religion, Caste or Creed
  • International Peace, Social Harmony and Non-violence
  • Protection and promotion of Environment, Wildlife, Biodiversity and Water
  • Exclusive Respect and Care for Senior Citizens, Women and Children
  • Opposition to Slavery and Child Labour
  • Promotion of Human Development through Education, Health and Sanitation
  • Integrity of thought, Individual and Professional Good conduct
  • Affordable medical care for poor people
  • Opposition to waste of Natural resources and Food
  • Contributing to Cleanliness of Habitat