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Causes of Concern

The availability of large amount of Cash and heavy walk-in of Customers makes the Banks one of the most vulnerable targets for the Criminals by way of burglary, theft, sabotage etc. especially when in the absence of proper security measures they are seen as any easy access and escape targets. The other major threat to the interests of Banks and its bonafide customers comes from cheating through impersonation and fraud by outsiders and sometimes by the employees of the Bank even which becomes a serious problem for the Bank’s reputation and obviously causing financial loss to it.


Fire and accidents remain as is for every establishment, an any and all time threat due to varied factors as short circuiting, aged infrastructures, poor maintenance, sometimes sabotage and accidents even.

Security needs

Best solution to avoid and thwart all such threats lies in preventive measures than the curative ones. The key areas to be provided with higher security measures in the Bank are Cash Counters, Chest, Locker Room, ATM. Customer movement area, Entry/ Exit need general security & surveillance measures.
Security Systems & Solutions requirement
Intruder/ Burglar Alarm System
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Access Control System
CCTV Surveillance & Recording System
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Station
Metal Detectors
In large Bank Buildings and those having huge Cash storage facility and Data Centre, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System, Clean Gas Flooding System need to be installed for appropriate protection
Ideally, the main Bank should have a Central Monitoring system which is connected to its Branches at various levels for Alarm reporting to have timely information of any mis-happening and take immediate necessary measures to prevent and contain any damage or loss to life & assets involved.
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