Collaboration for Construction

Blue Beacon has a Strategic Alliance with Nesway Estates, a Real Estate Consultancy and Management Firm, which arranges a “Collaboration for Construction” of Projects between Prospective Land Owners and Investors.

In such a Joint Venture, under a written Agreement, the Land Owner provides the Land, the Investor provides the Funds for Engineering, Procurement & Construction Works and Blue Beacon provides the Construction Services including all Project Approvals & Clearances from Concerned Departments or Authorities. To achieve this it has on Board a Team of Architects, Designers, Project Management Consultants, Engineers, Liaison Officers with expertise to lead all Documentation for Approvals & Clearances from various Government Departments required for Project conceptualization, Proposal, Execution and Occupancy.

Such Collaborations are necessitated either by choice of Land Owners and Investors or due to Financials constraints where neither has complete Financial resources to go it alone.

In such Projects, Cost Estimates & Property Valuations are arrived upon and on completion Part Ownership of Project is taken by Land Owner and Investor in mutually agreed proportion to Investment through standard Agreements and Sale Deeds as per applicable Laws.