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Causes of Concern

Anti-national & anti-social elements thrive on the news they generate by attacking places where damage to life & property is maximum and the place is well known. Such places stand a higher threat from Terrorist attacks & sabotage, than other hazards are Fire, accident, etc.

Security needs

Given the huge walk-in of visitors and presence of large number of people in such commercial complexes maintaining strict security check at the entrance/exit is not practically possible. This casual flow of people makes these a easy target for criminals. Occurrence of accidents is also more likely to happen due to negligence and lack of safety awareness and behavioral attitude of the visitors.
Key areas that need higher security measures are entry/exit, parking, pathways, lobbies, electrical and control rooms.
Security Systems & Solutions requirement
Intruder/ Burglar Alarm System
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Access Control System
CCTV Surveillance & Recording System
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Station
Metal Detectors
In large complexes, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System need to be installed for appropriate fire protection
Ideally, the large complexes should have a Central Monitoring system which is connected to various security & safety systems for Alarm reporting to have timely information of any mishappening and take immediate necessary measures to prevent and contain any damage or loss to life & assets involved.
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