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Apart from the damage to sacred scriptures & monuments, the hurts to one’s religious sentiments caused by any mis-happening at any religious place imparts very high significance to the security measures needed to prevent any such mishappening caused by especially sabotage or terrorist attack, given that at a time when the world is torn apart by communal terrorism, it can lead to a spread of violence the extent of which can be anything beyond perception. Similar though on a lesser scale but of great importance to culture & heritage is the case for museums where invaluable artifacts & antiques need protection.

Causes of Concern
Terrorist Attack
Fire Hazards
Theft of valuable religious scriptures & idols
Key Areas that need higher Security & Safety measures are
Entry/Exit & Perimeter (especially of popular religious places held in very high esteem) by mass of devotees
Scriptures idols enclosure
Sanctum sanctorum
Cash vaults
Prayer Halls
Security & Safety System & Solution
CCTV & Surveillance System
Fire Hydrant
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Station
Metal & Explosive Detectors
Access control System
Intruder Alarm System
Perimeter security (especially of famous religious places into large number of visit)
Beam Detectors for Idols, Artifacts etc.
Clean Gas Flooding System
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