Minerals and Industrial Chemicals

We are Importers and Supplier of various Mineral and Chemical products as Rutile Sand, Titanium Dioxide, Ferromanganese powder, Cellulose Powder, Calcium Alginate, Calcite Powder, Ferro Manganese Powder, Manganese Metal Powder, Ilmenite Sand, Silico Manganese
Powder etc.

Natural rutile is a naturally occurring high grade titanium dioxide feedstock (TiO2 content of 92- 95%). Natural rutile is sourced from reputed manufacturers/processors across the globe and it used by various industrial manufacturers like pigment, welding electrodes, plastic and many other industries . Our original bulk packing is one of the assurances of quality. TiO 2  content :
  • TiO 2 : 92%-96%
  • Packing : 50Kg, 1 MT Jumbo Bags.


We offer various grades with differing quantities of TiO 2  starting from 50-51%, 53-54% and 57-58%.The Ilmenite Sand is used for welding rods and pigments and contains maximum of 2% moisture.The Ilmenite Sand is sourced from the best producers across the globe.
  • TiO 2 : 50-51 %; 54%, 57-58%li>
  • Packing : 50Kg, 1 MT Jumbo Bags.


Zircon is Zirconium Silicate(ZrSiO 4 ). It’s a mineral produced at various mineral separation plants with specific grades in terms of ZrO 2  content ranging from 64.5 % to about 65.5 % with SiO 2  content of little over 32%. Zircon is used for production of Zircon flour and opacifier that are used as a coating in ceramics,sanitary ware, etc. to impart opacity to the end-products. It’s used in Special purpose refractories and various zirconium compounds.
  • Packing : 50Kg, 1 MT Jumbo Bags.